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Ministry helps us connect with God and with each other. It is the vehicle through which we live out our calling as the Body of Christ in the world. At Bethesda, we seek to encourage and strengthen fellow Christ-followers while also reaching out to those who have yet to believe. We do this so all can experience the love, provision and reality of God in their everyday lives. The Bible is clear: God is nearer to us than we realize. And He often uses His people to be a blessing to one another and the world--for HIS GLORY.

Bethesda has around 30 different active ministries which play a vital role in the life of our church. They span from our Diaconate Ministry, to our Sunday Morning Bible Study, to our Praying Sisters Women Ministry, to the Choice Mens Ministry, KORE Young Adults, Youth Ministry and Local Missions where we provide food and clothing for those in need in our community. See below for information on selected ministries as well as a listing of all of our ministries.

Joint Board Ministry

The Joint Board Ministry consists of our Deacons, Deaconness and Trustees. Each group works to carry out the vision of our Pastors as it relates to meeting the spiritual needs of our church family, encouraging Christian fellowship, celebrating triumphs, providing support in times of sorrow and helping to meet the financial obligations of the church in order to facilitate multi-level ministry within the community and abroad.  

Sunday Morning Bible Study

The Sunday Morning Bible Study exists to help our covenant disciples grow in their knowledge and understanding of God's Word. Each Sunday morning--before Worship--teachers facilitate classes for our youth, young adults, men and women. It is here they can grow in bible literacy together in order to learn how to "rightly divide the word of truth." 

Youth Ministry

We believe that kids don't have to wait until they become adults for God to use them. The Youth Ministry exists to help our children and teens cultivate a love for God's Word, while learning how to navigate the complexities of life! The ministry helps them to discover their gifts and talents while seeking excellence in their education and family life. The ministry meets weekly -- Led by our Youth Pastor and a team of wonderful volunteers.

Women's Ministry

Women have always played a vital role within the church. Our Praying Sisters Ministry meets monthly to help the women in our church to grow in the grace of God with each other. It is a multi-generational ministry which seeks to bridge the gap between the young and "seasoned" women. With God's Word as their guide and fellowship as a central part of their collective identity, the Praying Sisters of Bethesda strengthen one another through prayer and encouragement, so each woman can be the bright light that's needed in her community! 

Men's Ministry

The pressures of manhood are not meant to be encountered alone. The Choice Men's Ministry exists to help the men of the church to sharpen one another in their Christian identity and purpose on earth. It is a multi-generational ministry where both young, middle age and senior men come together to grow together. By doing so, men become increasingly equipped to lead and make a positive impact at home, in the church and in the larger community.

K.O.R.E. Young Adult Ministry

KORE stands for Keeping Ourselves Righteous Eternally. The Ministry exists to build up our church family between the ages of 18-35. Our young adults are tackling many personal and social issues and realize the need for God's Word to be at the center of all pursuits... with Jesus being their Central Pursuit. He is the One who can keep them righteous for all eternity.They help each other to stay in the center of God's Will so He can use them for His glory! 

Missions Ministry

Jesus says, "Freely you have received, so freely give." Our Bethesda Missions Ministry seeks to do this as we represent Christ to our local, national and international community. Each month the ministry provides food and clothing to those in need in our local community. When possible, it also helps provide much needed resources to people facing major crisis in areas hit by natural disasters.

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